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Healthy Alternatives

Helping You Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Dianne and Lloyd Burg opened Healthy Alternatives in 1994 to help people live a healthy lifestyle. As a registered nurse, Dianne saw a lot of hospital patients who weren't getting better with traditional treatment. She started studying natural remedies to help them heal. Dietary changes and homeopathy seemed promising, but no one offered these solutions. The Burgs wanted to change that, so they decided to open Healthy Alternatives.

From the beginning, the goal was to have a service-oriented store that offered the healthiest foods and supplements. While that mission hasn't changed, what has changed is how the Burgs realize their goal.

While the Burgs always offered organic products, they didn't start out selling produce. However, before opening the store, they grew organic apples on their tree farm. They also ate a lot of organic produce at home, and in the 90s, there weren't many places to find it. So, the decision to start offering organic produce was a natural one.

Healthy Alternatives partners with area farms to sell locally grown produce whenever possible. You can find produce from Salvaterra's Gardens, Beets Workin' Farm, and OH Produce in our produce case. Click here to see a map of other local products sold throughout the store.

Cafe Santosha opened in 2011 as an extension of Healthy Alternatives. Sarah sources ingredients from organic farms—local, when possible—to create beautiful, nutritious meals. The menu, which includes many vegan and gluten free options, changes seasonally.


The cafe's commitment to a healthier planet doesn't end with what's on your plate. The cafe is built with environmentally friendly materials, from flax floors to counters made from recycled paper and repurposed wood from local barns.

Santosha is the Sanskrit word for "contentment." To the cafe, that means making responsible and sustainable choices that impact our friends, families, and the community. This will lead to healthier people and, ultimately, a healthier planet.

Questions? Product suggestions? Just want to say "hi"? Use the form to send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Or, call us at 610-366-9866.

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